AA 50 Plus Life Insurance.

The AA over  50’s Life Insurance Policy Review.

Only available to UK residents who are aged between 50 and 80. 

Guaranteed acceptance and with the AA life insurance plan there are no medical or health questions.or required.

Once your cover starts the monthly premiums are guaranteed not to rise as they are fixed but bear in mind this will mean over time inflation will eat into the value.  Once you have had your plan 2 years provided you have paid the premiums regularly  and on time you will have a guaranteed cash payout should you die. If you die within 2 years of the policy start date the AA plan will pay 1.5 times the premium you have paid. 

The AA 50 Plus Life Insurance Plan also offers an accidental death benefit for the first 2 years so should  you die as a result of an accident in the first two years the full cash sum of the plan will be paid. 

You can choose to pay between £4.99 and £49.99 per month. The amount of life cover you receive will depend on your age, gender and amount you choose to pay each month. A man aged 50, would get cover of £,371 at £4.99 each month and £19,043 at the £49.99 per month.

You can’t alter the plan once it’s started. Because the guaranteed cash sum paid on your death is fixed, you should make sure you regularly review spending power of any money you get back in the future. If you wanted to increase your guaranteed cash sum in the future, you can apply for an additional policy.  As this is a life insurance plan there will never be a cash in value as the policy is designed to pay out on death only. 

Customers applying online will currently receive £30 Boots vouchers, or £40 for AA Members, when they take out an AA 50 Plus Life Insurance policy online. You will receive your FREE vouchers once you have paid your first 3 months' premiums. 

AA 50 Plus Life Insurance is provided by Friends Provident Life Assurance Limited.