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Over 50's Funeral Insurance Review.

Funerals in the UK are not cheap and even a for a basic cremation with one car and not many guests you could expect to be paying over £2,000.
Below are the costs for one that took place in the North West in 2010 with less than 30 in attendance.
Funeral Director Fees £1,340
Crematorium Fee £455
Minister Fee £140
Newspaper Notices (2) £156.64
Flowers (3) £90
Catering £194.22

Total £2375.86

With these costs in mind more and more people are looking to sort out their funeral arrangements before death so that their dependants are not hit with unexpected bills. And some life insurance companies have added funeral options to their over 50's life insurance policies to allow policy holders to cover these costs. They are like a normal over 50's life insurance except that rather than the life insurance payout going to the estate on death it will go to a funeral director. If the funds are greater than the funeral costs the estate will get the remainder or if you amount does not cover the costs the dependants will be required to make up the difference. By choosing this option it is also possible to get some extra cash towards the funeral costs too. Below are details of some of the funeral plans on offer to the over 50's and 60's and in some cases over 70's and 80's too.

Below are details of some of the leading providers of over fifties funeral insurance.

Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50's Life Insurance Plan.

If you’re aged 50-85, from just £4 a month the Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan could be right for you. It is an affordable way to leave your loved ones a fixed cash sum when you’re gone, either as a cash gift or to help towards funeral costs.

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Engage Mutual

Engage Mutual offer a funeral funding option that is a free addition to their over 50s life cover plan. They have teamed up with The Co-operative Funeralcare, to allow you to arrange a payment to be made directly from your policy proceeds towards your funeral expenses. Premiums start from as little as £8 per month.

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