Compare 50 Plus Life Insurance Plans.

A number of UK based life assurance companies offer life insurance plans that are only available to those aged over fifty. Typically these plans require no medicals or health questions, offer a choice of free gifts like  cameras, radios, M&S vouchers, digital pictures frames, televisions, wind up radio or gift cards. Some companies also allow you to use the policy towards payment of your funeral costs. 

Over 50's Life Insurance Companies.

Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan

If you’re aged 50-85, from just £4 a month the Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan could be right for you. It is an affordable way to leave your loved ones a fixed cash sum when you’re gone, either as a cash gift or to help towards funeral costs.


LV 50 Plus Plan. 

LV= Over 50 Life Insurance pays a lump sum when you’re no longer around. You’re guaranteed acceptance with no medical or health questions. Cover starts from just £5 a month and you can choose a free gift when you buy including a £30 M&S voucher!


Engage Mutual Over 50's Life Insurance Plan.

Life insurance from 27P a day with Engage Mutual! Their over 50's life cover provides a cash lump sum which could helps with lifes expenses. Engage Mutual currently helps over 438,000 customers of all ages. Cover available for those between 50-80 and the Engage plan  gives a free welcome gift: £30 M&S vouchers or a FREE digital radio plus a 5% online discount.


Standard Life

The Insurance from Standard Life is not an over fifties insurance policy as you can apply if you’re aged between 17 and 69. But as they are offering new customers applying online £30 of FREE M&S Vouchers we have included it. With this insurance policy your cover will stop once you have reached the age of 85.


When looking at life insurance, terms you might come across are -

Level Term Assurance – This is for a fixed period of time or until a specified date. This is usually expressed in years or to a certain age like say 85. At the end of the term the policy will normally cease without value.

Decreasing Term Assurance – This is for a fixed period of time or specific age but the sum assured decreases each year. At the end of the term the policy comes to an end without value. This type of policy is normally used to protect a mortgage where the value of the mortgage decreases over time and so is often called mortgage protection assurance.

Life Insurance for those in their fifties, sixties and seventies.