Engage Mutual offer new customers taking out their Cash health Plan a £10 shopping voucher which can be used in any one of dozens of leading high street stores. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Health Cash Plans.

What is a Health Cash Plan?

A Health Cash Plan is a simple way to help out with every day health care bills. By paying a regular premium, you can enjoy money back on dental, optical, physiotherapy and other healthcare treatments.

Is a Health Cash Plan the same as Private Medical Insurance?

No they are not the same as private medical insurance is designed to give you a greater choice as to when and where you have your treatment. It pays out on the costs associated with a hospital stay, various medical treatments, medical procedures as well as therapies. Health Cash Plans on the other hand are a simple way to help out with everyday health care bills. They provide cash back on various health care needs such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic and other specialist treatments.

What are the advantages of Health Cash Plans?
  • money back on dental and optical bills
  • money back on treatments including chiropractic and physiotherapy
  • cash if you have to stay in hospital
  • money back for many private treatments as well as NHS
  • guaranteed acceptance with no medical
  • typically available to anyone aged between 17 and 65
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical
  • Children are usually included free of charge where one or more of the parents are covered
·    Normally insurance premiums do not increase with age As with most medical insurance you will not be covered for pre existing conditions but, health cash plans give you money towards your optical, dental and other treatments without the need to payout expensive private medical insurance premiums and if you require it you can have both a health cash plan and private medical insurance.

A health cash plan will have limits on how much it will pay towards your medical costs. 

For example a typical policy from engage mutual where you contribute £10.50 per month would provide you with up to £125 of optical cover (every 2 years),  up to up to £110 of dental cover (each year) and £25 per night for hospital stays up to a total of 20 nights per year and cover for physiotherapy, osteopathy and other treatments – 100% of receipt value for these treatments. Up to a maximum of 8 visits within a year or £200 expenditure (which ever comes first).

For more information and the latest terms and conditions you can get a quote from Engage Mutual.