Pet Protect Pet Insurance.

October 2012 - Pet Protect can offer lifetime cover pet insurance for your cat or dog.

Pet Protect Pet Insurance Review.

Pet Protect is a pet insurance specialist offering one of the most comprehensive policies in the market. Consumers can enjoy benefits including; 

More natural, non-invasive prescribed treatments covered including
hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and clinical diet food.

Fast claims turnaround dealt with by experienced vet nurses.

Pet Protect is part of Pethealth Inc, an international group that specialises in pet insurance and pet care services to veterinarians, rescue centres and pet owners. Pet Protect was launched to the veterinary profession in 1983 to help customers meet the costs of veterinary treatments. During that time they are proud to have been able to help over half a million pets and their owners. Some companies insure your pet the same way they would your car or your house but at Pet Protect they think differently. When you talk to them, you get reliable specialist advice on pet insurance. It’s a combination of their 25+ years of experience, and specialised service that sets them apart from most other pet insurers.

Pet insurance is available for cats aged 6 weeks to 9 years, dogs aged 8 weeks to 7 years, and dogs of a specified breed aged 8 weeks to 5 years.

Lifelong cover means Pet Protect will pay for ongoing treatment year after year for as long as you renew your policy. Other companies offer time-capped or financially capped policies, which only pay for a condition for 12 months or up to a financial limit. Once this limit is reached, the condition is excluded and no further claims can be made, leaving you to pay for any further treatment yourself. With Lifelong cover, there are no exclusions once you start claiming, for as long as you stay with them.

Pet Protect Lifelong Extra Protection you get up to £6,000 per year to spend in vet fees. Each time you renew, you will get another £6,000 to spend in that particular year. This means over 5 years, you could spend up to £30,000 in vet fees and it won’t affect your future claims.

Pet Protect Limited is registered in England and Wales No. 1774371. QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited (registered in England number 1761561) underwrites all Pet Protect policies.