Protect Your Bubble Pet Insurance Review.

Protect your bubble offers pet insurance for cats and dogs. Cat insurance starts from £3.54 per month and dog insurance from £4.86 per month.

Other features are

1/ Up to £1 million 3rd party liability for all dogs insured

Dogs can at times cause damage to other people or the property of others and this insurance will go some way to covering the expenses you may incur as a result of damage caused by your pet.

2/ With Protect your bubble’s great value pet insurance their  Economy level of cover offers you up to £1,000 vet fees cover over the 12 month policy, their Standard level offers up to £4,000 per condition over the lifetime of the policy and their Premier offers up to £7,500 per condition over the lifetime of the policy.

3/ If your pet was to die as a result of injury or illness you could be covered for up to £750 with their Premier pet insurance cover level. Death from illness does not apply to dogs aged 9 and over and cats aged 11 and over.

4/ £2000 holiday cancellation cover with our Premier level

They will reimburse you for any non-recoverable cancellation and curtailment costs up to a maximum limit of £2,000 (in any one period of insurance), in the event that in your vet’s opinion your pet requires emergency life saving surgery, within 7 days of your departure on holiday and this necessitates cancellation or curtailment.

For full policy benefits please see their summary of cover. on the protect your bubble pet insurance website. The insurance is a 12 month policy and your documentation will show the start date and end date.


 Protect your bubble introduce BDML Connect Ltd who arrange and administer the policies. BDML Connect Ltd is part of the Capita Plc.