Vetsmedicover Pet Insurance News.


VetsMediCover Pet Insurance Review.

VetsMediCover provides a very high level of cover for your cat or dog throughout its lifetime. The policy pays for vets fees only with no peripheral covers other than public liability.


There is only one pet insurance premium for dogs and one for cats. VetsMediCover charge the same price for all
eligible breeds, irrespective of age or postcode. 

The policy provides up to £10,000 per annum for payment of vet fees or complementary treatment i.e. hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy.  Conventional policies, if they offer the cover,  usually limit complementary treatment to £750 per annum. There is no inner limit for  complementary treatment with VetsMediCover. 

Since there is only one price, £28.00 per month for a dog, £17.00 per month for a cat,  there is no long winded quotation process.  

The most important feature of VetsMediCover pet insurance is life long cover, provided the policy is renewed each year.  Many pet insurers only offer annual contracts, so the policy may lapse, just when you need it.

Lifelong cover provides peace of mind for pet owners concerned about their pet developing a long term or recurring illness. VetsMediCover pay up to £10,000, year after year.

One price. Any eligible breed of dog for only £28 per month or cat for £17 per month.  No age load.  £10,000 veterinary fees per annum with lifelong cover.